Blue……Blue……Blue is one of the most stylish one and the most attractive color, not just for costumes, not just for shoes, neither just for accessories nor for eye lens, but yes for nails.If you are going to make your nails attached with blue then you are definitely at the right place to catch your royal blue designs for your acrylic nails to make it look awesome.You can also see acrylic nails designs to see different designs of nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Blue:

Here is the list of some acrylic nails in blue designs with blue nail paint and many of the combinations that can make you look like a blue barbie and for white snowy outfit this blue combination of your nails will be the best outlook for you and just hits all the ground with your bluish nails look.

Check out the list given below and be glamorous with royal blue designs for best acrylic nails:

Glitter French Nail Art:

One of the most popular design that works great with blue. Blue is the ever most shiny paint that most of the women use for their nails. Women who have long thin v shape tips acrylic nails should try this at least once, this glitter french nail art with blue works best at it’s point and every women should try this for every type of event held daily.

Blue and Black Leopard:

You have seen leopard every where but it’s body color is yellow and with black circles, lines and dots. Let’s change the color and shape of leopard and mold it into the bluish one. How? yes, the answer is here and it is just so simple, apply blue nail paint on acrylic nails and make black leopard shape lines and dots and by this you will be able to make a blue black leopard in just couple of minutes.

Blue Ladybug Nails and Vertical Inappropriate Lines:

I think this design will be rock when you will have it on your nails but just like above, here we will also add another ingredient with using blue and that is same black again as above but here the difference is we will make a ladybug with blue background and will make a scene that ladybug is black and is in blue room and on some other nails we will make some blue and black vertical lines in inappropriate way it means that vertical lines will be in wavy shape lines just like blue and black water is falling down.

Blue with Peacock Feather and a Diamond Design:

Peacock is the most beautiful bird and gives a bluish green texture through its feathers. Peacock is only the bird that is made of multi colors but the most highlighted is bluish green color, so i think we should try it at our nails by having blue nail polish on acrylic nails and peacock feathers in a size that is suitable for your nails. And look glamorous with this blue acrylic nail design. And the last touch up is to place a small little diamond on feather to increase it’s beauty.