Acrylic nails designs when reaches to it’s high point then it comes to claws when we talk about acrylic nail designs the first image of best design that appears in our mind is claw. Most of the women are much more inspired by this amazing and authentic nail design claw. Claws usually make no sense when it is applied simply on nails but when claws is given a different texture by adding some more ingredients like different kinds of colors and glitters.You can also see acrylic nails designs to see different designs of nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Claws

If you are going to apply acrylic nails then also try out one of the most incredible design that is acrylic nail claw. All the women are so much inspired by this design which gives a claw look to our acrylic nails and also this is trendy now.

Let’s have a move to our wonderful types of claw designs found in thousands of numbers but some of them i am going to discuss here that are trendy now and suspects to hit every other design. Have an eye on these designs:

# Granite  Nails

Granite is one of the most used rock in most of the places by most of the people. Granite rock is used to make tiles and marbles, granite tiles and marbles are the most popular of all and is mostly used in homes, offices and other buildings . You will be surprised by knowing that it is also used for nails as you are well aware with this. So, here i am going to tell you about having granite nails with claw design.

# Floral Claws

You love flowers, i also love flowers even every body loves flower, if some one not then he will be the most unlucky one but i don’t think there will be some person who don’t love flowers. Try out mini floral design claws acrylic nails.

# Negative Space Nail

Have you ever listened about negative space nail trend that is just hitting the grounds and is above all . You must try it if you don’t know about it, don’t waste your time in thinking just go to your salon and try this new nail trend.

# 10 Shades of Gray

You want to try something new and colorful but only like the color gray for your nails then what to do, well i have the solution for this, you don’t need to look anywhere because every problem has it’s solution and the solution of this problem is also here, if you love gray color then why to move any other color. Let’s try this by having 10 shades of gray on 10 nails of finger like we have 10 nails and 10 different shades of gray are here so go for it and keep loving gray as it becomes my favorite too by viewing it’s 10 shades.