No need to go so far as everything is right here, are you looking for artificial nails? You need not to be very because your answer is here for about what you are searching. As we came across the acrylic nails and gel nails, we get to know that both these nails are fake nails or artificial nails but most of the women use to cal it artificial nails. If you are looking for best artificial nails and you got stucked between acrylic nails and gel nails, which will be good to choose and which will be better for you and will suits you? Before choosing the right option for your self or wrong option for your self, first you should know about both of these nails.

Acrylic nails vs gel nails Difference

Acrylic nails:

Acrylic nails are the artificial nails or fake nails applied by using liquid monomer or powder polymer. Most of the women use acrylic nails for their fake nails good appearance because it looks no doubt cool and awesome. When we have to apply acrylic nails either with liquid monomer or with powder polymer, you need air to strengthen this liquid or powder layer and it will only strengthen when it will be exposed to air.

Gel nails:

Gel nails are also artificial nails as well as fake nails but most of the women use these nails because it have a glossy shiny appearance more than acrylic nails and looks more natural nails than acrylic nails. When we have to apply gel nails, it is applied with the help of gel polishes and these gel polishes are similar to nail polishes and when applied, it is exposed to UV light to harden gel.

Have a look at the acrylic nails vs sns nails difference.

If you are feeling difficulty in choosing that whether to choose acrylic nails for our natural nails or to choose gel nails for our natural nails then let’s come to it’s pros and cons then you will may be come to any result. But before moving to it’s pros and cons, some of you also want to know, why is it important or needed so?

Most of the women have brittle and weak nails and they want strong nails for them, that is the reason of choosing artificial nails, some of them have nail growth problem and as you are well aware of this thing that all the women like long nails, so they choose artificial to get long nails and some of the women have weak nails enough to make any design on it and that is the one biggest problem as every woman wants designs on their nails.

Let’s come to pros and cons of acrylic nails.


1: Women have brittle and weak nails, so to choose acrylic nails will be more good option.

2: Women have a bad habit of chewing nails and because of using acrylic nails they will surely get rid of these bad habit as acrylic nails are to chew off.

3: Acrylic nails are of less cost and the lighter the wallet will be used, more you will be happy to use acrylic nails.

4:They are last longer than gel nails.

5: They are very strong if done correctly.

6: If you break your acrylic nail mistakenly then you can easily fix it at home by yourself.

7: Easy to remove and more easy to apply.


1: They can damage your underneath nails because of long term use of acrylic nails and will make a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

2: As they are fake nails, so their artificial appearance is more than gel nails.

3: They can harm you as it includes strong chemicals and fumes used while applying or in removing process, mostly harm to expecting women.

Pros of gel nails:-

1: Gel nails look more natural and have glossy appearance than acrylic nails.

2: Their curing time is faster. And lack fumes and strong chemicals.


1: They are used for short duration while acrylic nails are long lasting.

2: Needs to file off.

3: If we break gel nail mistakenly then it will hard to fix it, we should go to our manicurist then as it can not done at home.

4: UV light is difficult to gain at home and can make our process difficult.

After knowing pros and cons of both acrylic nails and gel nails, you will come to know that acrylic nails are more best to use but if you have an allergic problem of chemicals only then you should go for gel nails.