Our skin is the important and necessary element of our body which needs to be looked after on everyday basis. It is that part of our body, which covers all the other parts like bones, nerves and muscles and needs regular care for its health and freshness. Neglecting the skin care may lead to dry, sore and chapped skin and also leads to various diseases.

There are many ways to care for your skin in all season.

Winter season:

As the weather is dry and cold, so apart from giving yourself protection with gloves, socks and hats, moisturizer for the body is must as it protects from the harsh elements. It should be applied directly after the shower. Wearing gloves can protect your dry hands and protect your nails also.

Forgetting the application of sunscreen can cause severe sun-burns as the ultraviolet rays of the sun are strong in winters. Using lukewarm water for shower can be beneficial as hot baths makes skin dry. Taking care of lips by applying lip balms is necessary as neglecting it leads to lip cancer.

Summer season:

In summers, skin gets effected by sun rays, tanning the look of skin. So no matter what type of skin you have, application of sun screen is must. Protective clothing can also protect from sun diseases, which have SPF or simple unbleached cotton shirts.

Low exposure to sunlight can prevent you from sunburns as these can damage your skin, which leads to skin cancer.

Spring season:

Spring season is enjoyed by everyone as the weather is human friendly but still there are some important things to look for to protect the skin from sun damage. It is necessary to apply sunscreen even though the weather is good.

Autumn season:

In this weather as the dry air arrives, the skin tends to lose moisture so applying moisturizer directly after the shower may protect the skin from cracking. Applying lip balms to protect lips from chapping and bleeding and going for creams instead of lotions as this season needs thicker moisturizer. Hand creams are also necessary along with sunscreen.

These are some essential tips for skin protection in our every day life.