Fashion is all about changing your lifestyle and developing self-confidence in you! Fashion shows provide the enormous platform to every designer who want to cast-off his or her clothing. It is very important to know about the latest trend set by the famous designers, and the best way to keep updating yourself is to witness these fashion shows, typically organized for those who loves fashion. In Pakistan, most of the fashion shows explicitly launch in summer and winter seasons. The reason behind this typical selection of seasons is that every time latest trends are introduced according to the change in taste of people.

In Pakistan, the awareness of these fashion shows were quite less in the past but due to the significant role played by our Pakistani media to promote fashion shows, we can see a clear growth in the fashion industry. This might be one of the reasons for the notable increase in the number of fashion shows held in previous year 2014 in Pakistan.

Many fashion shows took place last year in Pakistan. Although, all the fashion shows were quite successful but the most well-liked once are mentioned below.

A fashion show was held on 19th February 2014 in Karachi which lasted till 21st February 2014. The name given to this fashion week was “Fashion Pakistan Week Spring-Summer”. Contribution by the designers, Maheen Khan, Shameel Ansari, Hassan Sheryar Yasin, Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani and many more, was observed in this fashion show. The basic idea behind this fashion week was to boost the young talent of Pakistan and to give a platform to the young designers who are new in the industry and want to show their creation. The media partner for this fashion week was HUM network limited and it was choreographed by none other than HSY and Production. The responsibility of official photography was taken by Tapu Javeri. This fashion week proved to be a great push for our fashion industry in Pakistan!

After this, many fashion shows took place during the whole year of 2014 in Pakistan. But, Pakistan’s fashion industry ended this year by producing an outclass fashion week in the month of December in Lahore. The name given to this fashion week was “Telenor Bridal Courteir Week 2014”. In this fashion show, top eight designers participated, showing Pakistan their new innovative bridal collection. The designers who participated were, Ali Xeeshan, Fozia Hammad, Tena Durrani, Maira B and some more renowned designers.

Pakistan has produced many outclass fashion event in the year 2014. Showing the world that Pakistanis are well-known with the world’s fashion and they really know how to fetch style in their life. I will conclude here by conveying one message to our Pakistani community that bringing change in our life is essential to feel that you are alive and fashion is just your answer. So stop being depressed and feeling obsolete, bring color to your life by wearing fashionable clothes.