All the haircuts of men requires its new name and existence because when we have a look on such type of haircuts, all looks same and so they confused and this problem only occurs when you want your haircut by our own at home and don’t want to visit barber shop or saloon. Your thoughts are good for you as this plan of not going saloon works best for you that it saves money and time and you don’t need to wait for your haircut.
The thing you do by yourself has a lot of benefits that you got used too of it. After this task again and again,increases your experience.When we talk about about a flat top haircut suddenly the word classic appears in our mind because actually men’s flat top haircut is a classical haircut that is the most amazing haircut of this season and always in trending.

Flat Top Haircut

Let’s move to our task of cutting hairs to gave a flat top look but first we will talk about our requirements. If you are doing by yourself then the things you required are scissor, one comb, one clipper (of any type), trimmer, hair gel or any other product. So be ready for your haircut.
Comb your hairs to remove all the tangles and wet your hairs with water hair spray and then use a light gel so that you will be able to make a border line between top hairs and side hairs and the line you are going to made with comb should be started from the end of your eyebrow. After having a line with the help of comb, comb your top hairs to the opposite side of your sides hairs and then comes to side hairs, here again comb your hairs, keep it in mind don’t work with clipper directly on your head because it will not give you a perfect flat cut ( shows lining of clipper ), to make it flat, neat, perfect cut, you have to use clipper along with comb and scissor.

First you have to use scissor to make hairs small, select small section with the help of comb and them remove the comb and hold that section of hairs between you first two fingers and cut the hairs that comes at upper side of your fingers, just like this cut all other section to make hairs small first according to desired clipper. The clipper you buy from the shop have plastic guards already in it that is good for cutting perfect hairs with no lining but you have to use steel blades also of a small length that should be “0000” or “000” , it can up to 1/4 inch or may be 1/8 . Now after having this clipper, again comb your hairs and remember one thing first when you are going to cut your hairs with clipper along with comb, your comb must be parallel to floor. Comb your hairs and cut the upper section of hairs on the comb by using clipper.

Just like this, do others also like this and when you will start cutting hairs from back don’t use comb here, just use clipper from bottom to upward straight in a vertical line and at upper side just slightly move it round so that the lining of clipper blended. Do same on other side and now come to top side, with the help of comb and cut the very small section with the clipper that comes on the upper side of comb and here comb should be parallel to floor and notice after every cut that it is as long as previous hairs and then at the middle side make a bridge like shape only from back side in this way that anyone have to walk from the back side to the top side and then use hair spray on hairs and you are ready with a gorgeous, stunning, good looking haircut and men’s top flat hairs are trending now.