Style plays a very important role in a woman’s life be it a younger or an older woman. The way a woman carries style reflects her ideas and way of living. Style gives a woman or girl a new self. In this era, fashion trends are changing day by day, giving girls a wider choice to choose from when going for trendy or classic trends. These days girls like to live with trends and trends come and go depending on the fashion, which is popular at present.

In Pakistan, eastern wears are getting trendy day by day with the lawn maniac in vogue enforcing new designers to showcase their collections and attracting the women especially the girls to get them quickly. These designer based lawns, cotton and winter collections have gained popularity at such a higher rate that now most of the designers are in the competition. These dresses are economical as well as costly depending on the variations and type of dress for occasions.

In girls, ready-made Kurtis of different fabrics are in fashion having unique, classic and trendy styles. The girls like to wear them as they are hassle free and stitched and mostly can be paired with jeans or tights or trousers. In some categories of girls, nowadays dupattas are outdated while others go hand in hand with dupattas so in any condition, Kurtis have got competitive place in the industry.

As the culture is getting the air of West, western wears are also favorite among some girls including t-shirts, jeans and other short trendy dresses.

The ever changing fashion trends are endless and hard to define because of its depth. In short, we can say that girls have wider and vast variety in fashion to go for according to their choice and taste as there is variation and no hard and fast rule for a particular thing.