Shaggy hairstyles for long hair look best on girls and women equally. If your hair is having medium waves and you are thinking to cut off your long hair, please don’t. Here are some hairstyles for long hair, which can help you a lot!

You can add some curls on the down part of the hair. If you like to have big curls than use a big barrel spherical brush for this purpose. Front bangs suit very much with this hairstyle. If you have medium length long hair, then you can opt for embo layered hairstyles. These make you appear sweet and hot. To make a perfect embo hairstyle, it is better to flatten it up first with a hair iron. Another hair style is inverted bob which is recently becoming popular in girls who have medium length hair.

Braids are always in fashion. If you are one of those ladies who are having long hair, then a perfect hairstyle is to braid up your hair in various ways. This is one of the most perfect hairstyle for long hair. A fishtail braid is an adorable hairstyle that looks cute on girls. The French braid is another hairstyle, which is in fashion since ages and has not yet lost its luster. Different variations of waterfall braid are also in style these days. You can also try different variations with braids for example you can reverse them or you can invent one of your own hairstyle with these braids also. The more thinner your strand is for the braid, the more neat it will be. You can also give a messy look with the braid. It depends upon you and both neat and messy looks appear equally good. Weave a ribbon in between the strands of the braid and you will be ready to go out for party with friends!