Trend of hair styles are of terrific look now a days. As time passes, hairstyles with different looks appears. Here you will get to know about the beautiful styles and updos according to the latest trend. Women are so much inspired by this latest trend you should also be aware with that and moved out everyday with a new perfect, passionate and inspiring look. Here you can find out so many styles for you medium length hairs just think about a barbie and got a hair look like her then your happiness is obvious. If you are invited in a party, prom, anniversary, ceremony, bonfire and many other events or concerts you attend daily or just have to go out in normal days for shopping, outing with friends or may be on a date then it will help you to have a look according to your days and it will surely be perfect for you.

Now a days people are most conscious about their perfect look. Fashion is now become daily dose of their life. Check out here list of hairstyle.

Wavy Hairs:

If you have wavy hairs then here is a very good style if you want to beach or any other place. Just part your hair from between half on right side and half on left side. Take a round brush, start brushing your hairs from ear side and straight your hairs which should be start from starting point to ear point.

Sleek, Straight Hairs:

If you are having sleek, straight hairs then just brush it part it from left and put all the hairs on the right side and it must be in front of your face. With a straightener take one lut of 1 cm wide from front side of puff and roll it from the end. Yes, i know you are confused here how to roll our hairs with straightener but it’s true and very simple and easy method to roll your hair from end side just in one or two minutes. What you have to do is take your straightener switch it on, heat it and now took one lut from puff but the very first lut it should be. Roll it on a straightener and leave it for one or two minutes and very slowly remove it and you will be surprised because it works so good than rollers. Just like this do with the other hair luts and then straight you hairs only from upper side.

Noodles Hairs:

If you are having noodles like curl then just straight your hairs and it will give you a wavy hairs look and it is perfect to go out for a party. Don’t tie your hairs just let them open.

Loose Curls:

Imagine your hairs are of loose curls but if you already have that then your are the lucky one to have it because in latest trend loose curls for medium is hitting everyone. Just part it from between and attach to pins one on right side from where you have parted and the other on left side but it’s color should be black and must be very simple.

Rough Curls:

For Rough curls just brush your hairs and with a fast hair straightening brush and tie with the pony. Now take one lut from pony hairs and round it on a pony in this way that pony should be invisible (Covered with that hair lut) and now pin that lut under the pony side that it should not be seen.