Women are so much choosy about their selection in fashion and beauty. In old era, it was not important for all the women to be involve in the beauty things, if they hangout some beauty things with them, then it was just a matter of simplicity and they carry out a very simple beauty things. Now come back from old era and you know that now the modern women don’t like simplicity at all. They want to become a beauteous woman of the world and for that they want to do all that thing that they want for it.

acrylic nails

Another reason of women involving in fashion so much is because they want their look just perfect and for some of the women, fashion and to gain beauty is a confidence booster. Not for some even for many women fashion and beauty works as a confidence booster and by having this, they got enough confidence to walk out.

Fashion, does not mean that it is only about costume, about shoes, about jewellery and more other things that are for outer appearance. Fashion means for everything head to toe like about hairs, hands, nails, foot and many other little things that we ignore as they need no care but it is wrong, every part of our body needs care and it is important for us and necessary to take care of it.

So here i am going to discuss about acrylic nails not our natural nails, but i will tell you about what are acrylic nails ? Why women prefer them most instead of their natural nails ? Why it is important so and about their designs and types? How you can apply it and remove it ? Every answer is here you don’t need to go any where for one by one information because i have the total information of acrylic nails which you want to know and it is important and necessary as well.

First i will tell you about what are acrylic nails ? When the name of acrylic nails appear in our mind, the first we go with the word is fake or artificial, so it means acrylic nails are the fake nails or yes, we can also say them artificial nails that most of the women use it for their rely of comfort and fashion.

Why Women Use Acrylic Nails

Use of acrylic nails may be of three reasons which i will tell you one by one.

  1. Most of the women use acrylic nails because they don’t like their natural nails as they can be thin and hard to make any design on it.
  2. Some of the natural nail don’t grow to it’s normal size and you know that, women like even love to keep long nails, this may be the reason of keeping acrylic nails.
  3. Most of the women keep acrylic nails instead of natural nails because they love to keep it and they also love designs of acrylic nails which are hard to make on acrylic nails.

These are the three main reasons because of what women use acrylic nails. Now i am going to tell you about why they prefer it the most?
Acrylic nails are best as they are made of best designs and styles and they are thousands in numbers, you can try the design and make it at home which ever you want to do. The most difficult thing for women is to be ready for any festival like Easter, new year, Halloween, Christmas. After the selection of costume, shoes, jewellery and hair style, the only thing remain behind is nails, how to keep it best with best design? Acrylic nails just solve their problem by having so many types of designs for every festival and then it’s up to you what you select for your nails.

Same for other events and ceremonies, acrylic nail designs are ready for you to keep it and use it and it’s all up to your selection like for weddings, concerts, night parties etc.

Let’s come to an other point which is about how to apply acrylic nails on our natural nails? Before moving to this, you should know about one thing which is very important for you to know that what type of acrylic nails you are going to select for your self ? Is it suitable for you ? While buying check the acrylic nails quality, it should not be cheaper and suitable according to your’s nail size.

Steps by Step Guide of Applying Acrylic Nails

Now after buying these acrylic nails which are according to your desire then the matter of applying comes, you have to apply it on your nails and i will tell you this step by step so, you don’t need to face any difficulty while applying.

  1.  If there is any old nail polish on your nails then you need first to remove it.
  2. Trim your nails and file it.
  3. Use a buffer to buff your nails.
  4. Apply gel on the nail and very precisely place the acrylic nail on it and then trim it according to your desire.
  5. Then clean it if needed, use a file and buff the nail.

These were the steps in which i have told you about how to apply acrylic nails, steps are too much easy to understand and to follow so if you want to apply then follow the steps and go for it.

We are talking about applying acrylic nails as women love to have it and let’s come to an other phase which is how to have designs on our acrylic nails and what are the main designs that make acrylic nails look awesome. Here i am going to discuss some most beautiful designs that you can try at home or you can go ot salon for having such designs.You can also see acrylic nails designs to see different designs of nails.

Best Acrylic Design That are Only Made for You

Have an eye on these best acrylic design that are only made for you and for pretty ladies like you also and this will help you to choose best design for summer season. Check it out:

Nude Pink Glitter Design

You are going to try out the most funky and cool acrylic design and it is the most trendy design which you should try it once to look perfect from your nails. Nude pink color is the beauteous color for women and they also like to have it for nails and even not for nails also for costume and shoes but it the unique texture is when it is mix compilation with glitter that is also in nude pink color.

Nude Pink Glitter Design

Black and Golden Glitter Trend

Ever most loving and inspiring color is black with it’s best combination that is given here and i am going to tell you about it, this combination is the ever best combination of this trend that you must try it. Apply black nail paint on your acrylic nails and then apply golden glitter on tips of some nails, leave some nails empty and then on other nails left, apply golden glitter as stars sparkling.

Black and Golden

White, Diamond and Glitter

A wonderful mix compilation of white, diamond and glitters, i am going to tell you how you can keep this design on your acrylic nails, first apply white nail paint and then place diamond on it in one horizontal line for each nail in the center and then apply glitter on only one nail where diamond is not attached.

White Diamond and Glitter

These three designs are the trendy and most beautiful, stunning designs just go for it. You applied acrylic nails and also have designs on it now after some days, problem begins and the question is how? I have the answer and will surely help you.

Removing Acrylic Nails: A Serious Mess

The problem is that after keep on going with acrylic nails, it becomes messy or mess up stuff then we have to remove it at this point because this rough look is too much weird and we can’t keep it more, this is because acrylic nails are only for short time useful, it is not made for long term use able so at this point, all the women try to remove it and the problem of removing is caused, when they try to remove it with acetone with out knowing that it will be helpful and safe or not and as a result they face many problems.

Different Methods for Removing Acrylic Nails

I have the solution and i will tell you a safe method to remove acrylic nails either with acetone or with cutex. First method will be with acetone and it is given below right, follow the steps and go ahead.

By Using Acetone

  1. At the very first, take a nail clipper and trim your nails accurately and precisely so that the extra long nails should be cut down.
  2. Now take a fine grade buffer and buff your acrylic nails, so that all the nail polish present on acrylic nail can be removed as much as possible.
  3. Use a petroleum jelly on the skin that surrounds the nail, this is done because acetone is highly reactive and can not react with your skin otherwise it can cause many skin problems like irritation, rashes or even can cause bleeding too.
  4. Take a bowl and add acetone in it but don’t add it in a warm water or any type of heat should not be present around where you are using acetone because acetone is proved to be very highly flammable i.e it can produce heat, so only add acetone in a bowl.
  5. Now take some cotton balls and dip them into the acetone and after it, place all the cotton balls on the nails in a very precise way so that it could not make a contact with skin. And these cotton balls should be according to the size of your acrylic nails.
  6. Take a aluminium foil and wrap it onto the cotton balls so that it can not be able to move here and there and leave your nails for 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes, wrap it off and remove the cotton balls, now you can remove your acrylic nails but if they are still not able to remove then don’t apply any type of force on it otherwise they will hurt you and can cause bleeding, so you should be very careful in this whole process. And repeat the process if needed but i am sure there will be no need to repeat the process as it will be easily removed after doing this process.
  8. Buff your natural nails for some time and it will make your natural nails a better look then before.
How to Remove Acrylic Nails by Using Acetone

This was a very easy process done by acetone and now have an eye towards second method that will be with out acetone.

Without Acetone (Cutex)

  1. Trim your nails with the help of using nail clipper so that no extra long acrylic nails remain behind and makes easy to remove out.
  2. Now take a plate and add water in it and the quantity of water should according to depth of plate.
  3. Take another plate and add 10 drops of cutex in it and when you are going to buy cutex from the shop, remember one thing, there must be written that is acetone free and of 100 ml.
  4. Now add cutex drops in the plate of water and mix it well.
  5. Soak your nails in that mixture for about 20-25 minutes and then take off your nails, you will be able to remove the acrylic nails and then clean your natural nails with tissue or with some kind of piece of clothe.
  6. Buff your nails well so it gives a better look to your natural nails at the last.
How to Remove Acrylic Nails by Using Cutex

These two methods can be done to remove acrylic nails and there are also another methods use for this but this two are the best methods and will surely give you a positive result.

What are The Pros and Cons of Using Acrylic Nails


Acrylic nails are good even very good for those women who have a chewing nails problem or you can also say it a bad habit, say it or call it but it’s true that it is bad. But by having acrylic nails, you can get rid of this bad habit as it is hard to chew and the women who have brittle and weak nails also get rid because of this.

Acrylic nails are cheaper and use no more money and your wallet will be in low use. Acrylic nails are long lasting then gel nails so it will be best to use.


When acrylic nails are applied on our natural nails they affect them by damaging underneath natural nails and it’s long term used can cause the presence of fungus or bacteria there which is very dangerous.

As u know acrylic nails are actually artificial nails and it’s appearance is also artificial as well as fake.

When have to apply acrylic nails or to remove it, there must be use strong chemicals and fumes which can cause serious infections.

Acrylic Nails Lifting

Now i am going to discuss about the problem of lifting that is caused after applied of it. Lifting problem is usually in some women only who don’t apply their nails accurately,precisely and carefully. After some time, their nails lift up but first i will tell you the main reason of it’s lifting, the gel you have used for applying acrylic nail may be very cheaper and not good or you have not remove the oil present on the nails. Yes i am talking about oil as our face extract oil according to it’s normal point and need then it is good but when it extracts in more amount than our need, it causes our face oily that’s why we use to say it oily skin, just like this our nails also extract oil but when more than our need then it cause the nail oily and before applying acrylic nails we should remove that oil first otherwise it will make our nails oily, gel will not be settle there and causes the nail to lift up.

Acrylic Nails Lifting

I am going to tell you about how you have to remove the oil first. You can remove the oil by using some flat surface of buff and by the use of buffing on the nails, it will be able to remove all the oil from the nail and your nails will never lift up again.

How to Resolve Lifting Problems

But if lifting problem causes then how to resolve this problem? Don’t worry i have it’s solution, just follow these three steps and you will be able to resolve your problem.

These three steps are will be done by dry method:

  1. In the very first step, we have to remove the Pterygium but there is also present cuticle that overlaps the pterygium, so it means first we have to remove cuticle and for this purpose, take a gray buff and fold it, after it’s folding, from the sharp edge, push back the cuticle to expose pterygium and then buff the pterygium away lightly.
  2. Now as above, i have already told you about oil present on nails and it is must to remove it first by using buffer and buff on the nails, lengthwise,crosswise and diagonally and for buffing, you must use the flat surface. After buffing remove the excess of dust if available or not and clean it well.
  3. Now the last thing you have to do is to use no lift primer with the help of no lift primer brush that is only made for it and after every and before patron, you should sanitize the brush and you can clean the brush with alcohol then dry it before it’s use. Now apply the no lift primer with this brush from the free end and it will flow back towards the cuticle. Do it thoroughly until it reaches the cuticle.
How To Make Acrylic Nails Stop Lifting

In the above two methods i have told you about how to remove acrylic nails with acetone and with out acetone ( cutex ) , but here i have more two methods through which you can also remove acrylic nails and it is more easier than previous. In these two methods, i will discuss about removing acrylic nails with the help of warm water and soaking your nails in rubbing alcohol solution. These methods are also given step by step and these steps are just to ease the solution for you to understand and to do.

Removing Acrylic Nails By Using Warm Water

  1. First take a nail clipper and trim your extra long acrylic nails.
  2. Now use a buffer to buff your nails lengthwise, crosswise and diagonally. Then clean your nails.
  3. Now take a bowl of high depth or low depth, it only depends on your choice.
  4. Take some water and allow it to boil and now check the water, if it gets warm enough to easily soak your nails then take off the water and add it into the bowl.
  5. Soak your nails in warm water for about 30 minutes and cover the bowl with a towel or any other piece of clothe.
  6. After 30 minutes, take off your hands and remove the acrylic nails, repeat the process if needed.
Removing Acrylic Nails By Using Warm Water

Removing Acrylic Nails By Rubbing Alcohol Solution

  1. Trim your nails with the help of using nail clipper, this is done to remove first the extra acrylic nails, so that it can make easy for you to remove them after doing the process.
  2. Buff your nails, to remove the polish as much as you can.
  3. Now take rubbing alcohol solution in bowl and add little water in it and mix it well.
  4. Soak your nails for about 25 minutes and then remove your acrylic nails, it will easily come out, with out using any type of little force too and don’t ever try to use any type of force on removing acrylic nails, other wise it will hurts you or can cause bleeding too. Repeat the process if needed. 
Removing Acrylic Nails By Rubbing Alcohol Solution

Acrylic Nails on Different Occasions

I am going to tell you about what you are waiting for and yes i am coming to a lot of designs for daily bases, events, parties, ceremonies, business time etc.

Silver Glitter And Matte

You already tried most of the glitters design for your acrylic nails but this one is the best with matte combination. Silver or metallic glitter on one nail and others with matte and this mix compilation needs a bundle of beauty words.

Silver Glitter and Matte

Golden, Black and Peach

As you know, black and golden are at the best point to cross every other design and peach also help them in this by giving a little bit lift up to them, this innovative design is gorgeous for any type of night party. Black tips in a v shape and edge of v is towards cuticle makes it best and golden glitter on v shape and on one nail looks just awesome and peach nail paint on little finger with golden glitter on tips, just perfect.

Golden Black and Peach

Acrylic Valentine Art

Are you going for valentine then wait and have a gorgeous, loving acrylic nails for your valentine.Peach combination with diamonds side will be beauteous for this day and your valentine will love it.

Acrylic Valentine Art

Twisted Hearts Acrylic Nails Design

You all love hearts because it is the most lovely one in the whole world. So why not on nails, let’s make some black hearts with golden glitter lining and write love on nails, on first nail write ( lo ) with silver glitter and ( ve ) on next nail and love your hearts and show your love by writing it’s name.

Twisted Hearts Acrylic Nail Design

Nude Pink And Golden Glitter

The ever admirable is only nude pink with perfect use of golden glitter towards cuticle, this design is perfect for acrylic nails to go out on a day party or on marriage ceremony.

Nude Pink and Golden Glitter

Rainbow French Nail Tips

Rainbow is the most beautiful thing that is undoubtedly admirable, let’s try it on our nails by making rainbow french tips that shows different colors of rainbows one by one according to french and only on tips, have a colorful blast.

Rainbow French Nail Tips

Multi Colored Glitter And Black

A unique combination that you will love it is black with multi colored glitter only on some nails and it will surely gave a spark. All the women love black and at above, we discuss black with golden glitter but here we are talking about black with multi colored glitter that is one of the most unique combination, you must try for a prom night, if you are wearing a black dress.

Multi Colored Glitter and Black

Pink In A Shower

You always take shower of water and our acrylic nails also want it but not with water, with silver. The ever cutest pink with a silver shower on it makes you ready for any pop concert.

Pink in a Shower

Baser With Rhinestone

If you are going on a marriage ceremony with a heavy dress and dark color then must try this combination and this mix compilation will be best for you, baser shine with rhinestone and looks just out class.

Baser With Rhinestone

White, Pink And Silver Glitter With Diamond

A new and latest trend of this season mostly for wedding ceremonies is white with pink shade and and silver glitter adds beauty to the nails and a simple little diamond on it enhances the beauty of your acrylic nails and now you are ready to go out for wedding ceremony.

White Pink and Silver Glitter with Diamond

Classy Gold Glitter Design With White Nails

White is the color that signifies peace and looks very simple and peaceful but what will happen if we add gold glitter in a classy way of design? it will look surely more peaceful and just a simplest beauty.

Classy Gold Glitter Design With White Nails

Nude Paint Floral Design

Nude color is one of the most attractive color so let’s try it on our acrylic nails with pink floral designs and makes it more innovative and attractive and this is best and perfect for a birthday party and if you are a birthday color then you are a lucky one to know about it first and to try.

Nude Paint Floral Design

Diamonds With Baby Pink Nail Paint

Another best and very simple design that will take your much less time by having diamonds on one nail and baby pink nail paint on others, makes it look adorable and will be great for outing.

Diamond with Baby Pink Nail Paint

Almond Shape Nails With White And Black

White and black from the beginning are the most hit colors that you must design for your nails in an almond shape and a classy design of black and white will makes it to look gorgeous a way.

Almond Shape Nails with White and Black

Corn Nail Trend For Summer

You already know about corn as it is edible and the most salty, sweet and crunch to some way corn is. If you are looking for something new despite all of other designs and you want something new but terrific and also unique, then go for it as corn on the cob looks funkiest design and specially for summer season, you can also try it in winter but to have it in summers will be more good.

Corn Nail Trend for Summer

Blue And White With Silver Lining

Most beautiful, elegant and understated design is here that will surely highlights the beauty of your acrylic nails along with hands, blue and white with silver lining used as a border design is only made for summer season and specially for those who love to go on a beach on daily bases.

Blue and White With Sliver Lining

Aquatic Tips

As you know, you all love aquatic life and every body wants to see aquatic life as it is more inspiring and attractive, try this beautiful and amazing design on your acrylic nails as it will inspire and attract others to be like you and to have like you and they will surely wish to have such design like you. Aquatic tips for amazing acrylic nails make amazing design and will look fabulous.

Aquatic Tips

Black Hearts With Upper Silver Glitter Filling

Have you listened about red hearts, surely yes then try some black hearts for your amazing acrylic nails with upper silver filling with glitter and make this design soft and sophisticated.

Black Hearts With Upper SIlver Glitter FIlling

Acrylic Nails During Pregnancy

These all designs are best and want you to try it and i know you will surely try it, don’t you? Okay so these were the designs to make your acrylic nails elegant and understated but now i am going to tell you about whether acrylic nails in pregnancy is applicable or not?

Expecting a baby is one of the most and ever great and beautiful feeling which only a women can feel and it is God gifted feeling and at the stage of pregnancy, one should be very careful in every task of life and in daily basis work because one mistake can convert your happy situation to a trouble one. So we also should be very careful in this stage of pregnancy not just from our diet and work also from our beauty products.

Acylic Nails During Pregnancy

Here i am going to discuss with you about whether it is good to keep acrylic nails in pregnancy or not? Well, the answer is no or may be to some extent is yes. First, we will talk about why it is not applicable in the stage of expecting?

When you go to salon for applying nails, there may be, not may be even definitely present strong fumes and chemicals that can affect you and had a great effect on your pregnancy as the salon worker will when apply acrylic nails, she will use gel for acrylic nails and other strong fumes and the designing of acrylic nails contain strong chemicals that will seriously effect your pregnancy and you might be on a risk to lose your pregnancy, so one should be aware of it, but if you still want to apply then you can but be sure about one thing you are not making any type of contact with those strong fumes and strong chemicals. When you will be sitting there and while applying, you feel any type of uncomfortable or you feel vomiting then urgently stand up from there and go to pleasant atmosphere.

So these were the reasons of that you should not apply acrylic nails in the stage of pregnancy but if you are a great acrylic nail lover and you just can’t live with out it then what to do? The answer is yes, you can apply then but there will be some conditions and precautions that you must have to follow and is given right below.

  1. Do not make any contact with fumes present there.
  2. Do not make any contact with strong chemicals present there.
  3. Atmosphere, where you are going to keep your acrylic nails must be pleasant and comfortable for you.

In one condition, applying acrylic nails must be strictly not allowed. If you are a salon worker then don’t try to keep acrylic nails it will undoubtedly harms you as you have to stay and live in that environment which is not good for you and in the presence of strong chemicals and fumes, which are highly reactive and effective.

Acrylic Nails For Christmas Day This Year

As you know, Christmas is near and you have to be ready for it first, then i have some basic and useful designs of acrylic nails only and only for the Christmas day. Have an eye on such beauteous designs:

Acrylic Nails for Christmas This Year

Red and White Side Layers Design

Have you selected your Christmas costume and Christmas makeup and shoes then go for your nails and design it with a different look that is red and white side layers, one by one and make your Christmas the most happiest day.

Red and White Side Layers Design

Nude and Black Glitter Santa

Try out this new trend that will surely beats your heart after seeing it, this is nude with the combination of black glitter tips will look awesome and incredible, something missing yes, it is Santa on thumb nail and now your design is complete and you are ready to go out for a Christmas party.

Nude and Black Glitter Santa

Black Christmas Tree With Polka

Another best design and trendy design for Christmas is here, try out this new acrylic nail look by having sky blue nail paint and black Christmas tree on it and white polka dots on it.

Black Christmas Tree with Polka

Christmas Tree

If you don’t have enough time to make your acrylic nails to look perfect then i have the most simple design for you and will no more take your time extra for it, a simple Christmas tree with white background is enough to go for a Christmas.

Christmas Tree Acrylic Nails

These were the designs that are only made for Christmas, if you want designs for Easter also then no need to go anywhere else.

Acrylic Nails Design for Easter

it’s right here below. Just check it out:

Nude With Grassy Floral Design

This design is so easy to make and a very simple and unique combination that you have never seen before and i can bet for this, have a nude nail paint with green glitter on tips and some little flowers on it to give a grassy garden look and have a pleasant feeling like your nails are in garden.

Nude with Grassy Floral Design

Baby Pink With Cute Rabbit

A very sophisticated design that you must try for your acrylic nails, if you are looking for Easter simple design but sophisticated then i must tell you there is no an other such a better design for Easter is a baby pink nail paint with white polka dots and a cute little rabbit makes it looks just understated.

Baby Pink With Cute Rabbit

These two designs are the most trendy designs and will surprise you at their first look.

Eye Catching Glitter Acrylic Nail Designs

Let’s move to our last acrylic nail designs made of glitter and have your eye on these designs and try it at home or go to salon, it’s up to you.

Blue and Peacock Feather One

This design is such a wonderful glitter design that is made up of two mixtures of glitter as a blue and one peacock feather, full of glitters just made a spark.

Blue and Peacock Feather One

Silver Glitter Design

If you are going out for a success party then you must try this nail look design, fill up your acrylic nails with silver glitter and metallic shower on it, will definitely gives a stunning look and you will be a unique and highlighted woman there as every other woman always wants to be.

Grassy Green Glitter

You are moving towards a grassy green glitters for your acrylic nails and will make you look elegant with this simplest glitter design.

Grassy Green Glitter

Cute Summer Acrylic Nails Design

In this summer season, if you want to shine under the sun then you must go for this cute summer acrylic nails glitter design which includes black nail paint on tips and silver shower glitters in a floral design.

Cute Summer Acrylic Nails Design

All the women will love to read it and will got a lot of information, if she don’t have about acrylic nails and here is a complete information about it and all the trendy designs that she need and be glamorous by having it and highlights your acrylic nails along with your hands and this were all about acrylic nails.