Your head is one of the main part of your body and it should be covered with beautiful,stunning hairs and yes of course the perfect style is also needed for it, then why to hide it from someone.
A lot of passionate and versatile hairstyles are waiting for men’s . Every men now wants a new look because all the previous styles are too odd so they obviously want a change . As you know face looks mostly depends on beautiful hairs and hairstyles that every man should aware of it and must take care of it as it is too important for one who wants his hairs to look gorgeous and perfect styled . Like women, men also care for their hairs but the one who don’t care about it should come to this point and have to understand the importance of perfect hairs.

As you have seen around you most of the men are bald or semi bald not because of aging but it should be cause of careless . Many of the men don’t take care of it and at the last result is in front you, when you see a mirror and get to know that you are bald or semi bald then at the point where you got disappointed is the point you have to think about where you loss your care for hairs and now you are at this stage but bald or semi bald doesn’t mean that you will never get your hairs back again. If you are now serious about your hairs then nothing is impossible. Here is a lot of solutions, but you are thinking that i have to tell you about hairstyles then why i am taking about bald or semi bald. If the person who wants long hairstyles but don’t have hairs then here is a solution for both who have hairs or not.

First here we will talk about how you can remove your baldness so that they can also fulfill their wishes of keeping long hairstyles . Men who are bald or semi bald should use some hair tonics like hair tonic for regrowth, other herbals tonic, by the usage of these tonics which ever you want to select for you baldness , totally depends on you, regrowth of hairs will start after one or 2 weeks and after a some months or may be after a month your hairs will be appeared on your head.
Let’s move to those people who wants to get long hair but of course style too but their hairs stop growing becoming at point, and the problem is same that they cant style their hairs as they want to. For shiny long hairs you can either change your shampoo or oil but if it stills don’t work then do some treatment for your hairs. Once you will have you hairs long then you can style it according to your choice and wish.
Now let’s come to the main point we have to discuss about is different long hairstyles for men and as you know these are in numbers so let’s discuss it one by one.

Rough Long Hairs:

If you have hairs like half curl and half straight or you can also say rough hairs then the best option for you is to keep them open, part it from center and use a hair spray to show them more good but don’t use hair spray daily because it can harm your hairs or may be your hairs become white.

Twist in Bun:

One of the most trending and different style hitting the grounds now a days. Your hairs sometimes need a most funkiest and loosy style that also depends on face looks. Some faces need hairs look of their combination that suits them and the person is not aware of them and the style he do, don’t match his personality. So you are now at the right place here is a perfect style for their hairs. What you have to do is just put all the hairs at back side part it into two twist it onto one another and make a bun and attach a pin or a clip will be more help full for it. If you have light side beard then this look will really suits you.

Shoulder Length:

Your hairs look more gorgeous if they are of shoulder length, this is the most simplest,good looking style that most of the men want. Part your hairs from side if they are straight then curl your hairs and give them a loosy curl look . This style actually shows your maturity which is a best sign for you and for your personality because it is mostly concerned with personality.

Side and Back Swept:

Guys with long hair actually looks more cute and it is the best point for them but the guys who have long hair but thicker hairs too then this style is actually made for them . Wash your hairs, dry it with a towel, use any product which you apply on your hairs as before and run your fingers in hairs, don’t use comb or brush and swipe them on left side and keep it in mind your more thicker here should be on left side and new just chill with your new hairstyle.

Braid on Right Side at the Center:

Braid is one of the most popular and use able style of women but now it also works best for men hairs so they must try it in their life. Wet your hairs,dry it with hair dryer and use any hair product which gives your hair wet look,put all the hairs on left side and from right side take hairs for make a braid but from the center. Make a braid and attach a pin at the back side ( at the end point of braid by keeping it from the right side to the back ).

Side Swept:

Longer hairs men should try this style, if he wants to be a model or he is model or he just wants a look like model and to feel like model then this style is surely waiting for him.Keep all your hairs either on left side or right side, the point from where you have parted should be at the end side of your eyebrow. Have a cut on that side where hairs are remained short and now rough curl your other hairs and have a messy touch just like they are ruling on your head.

Back Style:

Have a killer look that can melt anyone’s heart but you will look cool by having this easiest style. Brush your hairs keep them all at the back side or to make it more cool then have a layer cut also and dye your hairs with a dark brown blonde.


Women are aware with this style and daily do this but for some men this style is somewhat awkward but it’s not true,it actually feels good to have ponytail. Brush your hairs,keep all at back and tie them with a black thin pony from the neck side and in summers, this style is just above all.

Long Tied Up:

The most craziest way of style your hairs is to long tied up all of them. And how? Brush your hairs first, curl them and now apply any hair product and again curl them and now roll them. Long tie up all the hairs at back with a clip or pony. Spray your hairs by using hair spray. You are ready to make anyone crazy like you.

Hair Band:

While walking out in normal days with a long hairs and don’t have time to style it because it’s obvious that every style needs time but everyone don’t have time for it. So the best and ruled solution for these type of men is to brush your hairs and use a hair band and if their hairs are curly then okay but if not then they should curl them which gives more mature look.

Highlighted Curls:

Some guys have too much attitude with full of fun and craze so i have a craziest style for them. They just have to do highlighted curls, some of them have this natural then they just use curled shampoo and any product which gives a flow to curl and wet your hairs and curl them and let you hairs to fly with a perfect curl with full of liberty.

The Longest Comb Over:

Have a chunky attitude style which concerns with your versatile personality,the longest comb over you keep for going on a beach with open neck light shirts and light but thick french beard, part your hairs on one side with the longest comb over you have ever got. Cut puff in a long way and others short as compare to the puff.


If you have messy hairs then the way to tie it and to make a style with a perfect combo is a messy bun, all the thing you have to do is just run your fingers in hairs without combing or brushing it and then tie up all your hairs in a loosy messy way and make a bun, attach a clip or use pony over it.

Vibrant Burgundy Cornrows:

A great style for models hair look and to walk on the ramp with a different attitude and alcoholic look, you are just at the right point to find out. At the very first dye your hairs with a burgundy blonde and after getting a burgundy color on your hairs, now make 6 braids on head in a cornrow shape and have a brightest look with no extra touch-ups and freely walk on a ramp.
Artistic long hair: Have side cuts on your head and keep long hairs in a long shape through back side and use a hair gel on it so that your hairs will not get tangled. They are ready now to have an artistic touch up on head just like you can make arrows,water waves,rainbow lines or any other bird which makes you to look fantastic and wild.

Layered Bob:

Layers sometimes gives you an flawless feeling and gives you wings to fly because layered always shows a sign of fly over and to have layered bob especially on dirty blonde hairs is just above all. If you want to go for a photo shoot and you don’t have time to go first to your stylist then for photo shoot, the best thing you can do is to work by yourself for your hairs . Well, nothing is difficult just have a layered bob with side puff and get yourself ready for a photo shoot.

Multi-Color Braids:

You want to have multi color look for your hairs and if you have a bright fair skin then it is perfect for you. Dye your hairs with a white and dark brown blonde and make different braids according to blonde. On white blonde hairs,make small but thick braids and on dark brown blonde hairs,make long but thinner braids. And have a multi style with this multi color braids . Looks perfect!

Wavy Hairs:

Everybody wants his hairs to look dashing and the dashing look is right here, you can make yourself to look gorgeous and stunning and yes dashing too,the thing you have to do is just gear up yourself for it. If your hairs are getting long day by day about a inch so u can cut it, brush your hairs and use a gel without combing your hairs, run your fingers roughly into your hairs and after sometime your hairs will get a fresh dashing wavy look which you will love it.

Long Curly Faux:

You are having long hairs and looking for a style that other don’t have ever before, so it is the best place to find out your dream hairstyle that is long curl faux,all you have to do is part your hairs from the side have a cut from that the point from where you parted and curl you hairs,keep it in mind one thing your puff should be in a long tail so that perfect curl catches your hair. It will be definitely be an eye catching moment when you will go out with this new look.

Sleek Bun:

Long hairs with straight,sleek and smooth are the best hair that everyone dream for but the way to style it should be somewhat different that other should not have it before. You can make a sleek and smooth bun at the back side little above from neck so that your neck can be visible part for everyone and hold all your hairs in your hand,move them round at least thrice so, a perfect bun can made.

Half up Pony:

Men look cute at that point where they try something new and yes unexpected. Brush your hairs, straight them half above from ear and the others,leave them as they are before,it will give to some extent different loosy look. Hold your above half hairs in your hand and tie them with a pony but it should be black,a very simple but cute look.

Curl Half up Pony Look:

It is same like above but here you have to curl your hairs completely and half up roughly,use pony to tie them and you will have a rough curl half up pony look that is the sign of desiring something and the one who will look at you will surely desire something may be it can be a hair look like you but to desire is definite.