The trend alert for brides is here! Do you know which bridal season will be hit this year? How you will wear Pakistani wedding dresses? Last, but not the least, what should you be wearing this year? It does not matter if you do not know this because the help is here! To brighten up your day with a memorable wedding dress along with exotic features, just go through these suggestions below.

There are some strong and compulsory colors, which are considered as mandatory for South Asian brides. Red is one of those, but nowadays red is losing its worth and bridal dresses are coming in a blend of different colors. There is an addition of basic neutrals and they look best in all the seasons throughout the year. The dresses are mostly simple but they also have classic and sophisticated elements in them, which makes them appear different from others. They are trendy and inculcated with beautiful embroidery elements, which are able to keep pace with the modern challenges. Some of the eastern bridal dresses are equally voting to the eastern bridal philosophy and they have in them flavors of fancy and creative work that are studded in the form of Kora, Dabka, sequins work, embroidery, beads and many other embellishments. Not to mention the cuts of these dresses, they are also equally important for the work done on them. These cuts are given in tasteful and classy styles and can create a blooming impact on others in the gathering.

Some of the bridal dresses are presented in a memorable way because in them, the elements of styles from Persian culture are infused. This is a new trend this year and you can find a touch of East in a unique and inspiring way in the new designs. This designing is culturally infused on various types of fabrics like velvet, silk or the raw silk and the traditional banarsi fabric. There are heavy zardozi and gota laces stitched on the bridal dresses. Some of them are given western cuts and they portray an innovative blend of style and tradition. These are also available as sleeveless dresses and as shorter cut frocks. To give yourself a mesmerized twist on your big day, you can choose one of these cropped dresses and move around the audience in an admirable manner because they will surely not take their eyes off from you.