The beauty of Indian designs will never get old. They always remain in trend and many of them are prevalent since ages and depicted as traditional ones. Some women like complex but intricate designs on their hands while others prefer simple designs which are not much complex. No matter whatever the design is, Mehndi always looks beautiful and dramatic to the eyes. The trend is now changing and women are more tempted towards having shades of dark and light colors of mehndi on their feet and hands. Mehndi always make a girl appear beautiful and pretty and gives a perfect look for all the formal occasions. Brides are never complete without Mehndi on their hands and feet. This is an old tradition but it will remain in vogue as long as there are marriages taking place in the world.

Some brides have nice and short hands and feet while some have huge fist and feet. Mehndi is a thing, which looks equally good on all types of hand and feet. However, with the help of designs, the hands and feet can be made to appear bigger and shorter. Mehndi can help to grab other people’s attention towards you and can make you appear different from others if it is applied creatively on your hands. Without this, a woman is considered as incomplete on her wedding day. No matter how much makeup or jewelry is worn by a bride, the beauty of Mehndi on her hands can never be ignored. There is no appropriate designing related to the age of women and anyone can adopt for any mehndi design as per their wish. So, if you are planning to go on a wedding or you are becoming a bride yourself, apply some trendy mix of dark and light shades in Mehndi to give a traditional yet trendy look.