Want to have glowing skin? Don’t have time for demanding skin care? Don’t worry, you can still take care of your skin and make it look attractive and better. The process of aging can be slowed down by taking care of skin and having a healthy lifestyle. Here you can see five quick tips for skin care, these tips are no non-sense, they really work.

First of all, you have to protect your skin from direct sunlight, do not expose your body to direct sunlight. The most important part of skin care is to guard your skin from sunlight. Exposing yourself regularly to the sunlight can cause age spots and wrinkles to your skin. To protect your skin from sunlight you can use sunscreen, do not spend much time outdoor during the day. Cover your body with full sleeves clothing. Stop smoking if you want your skin to glow along with you, smoking causes damage to your skin as it affects the blood vessels which are present in the outermost layer of the skin. The best way to protect your skin is to stop smoking; to stop smoking you can take assistance from your doctor.

The other important factor that affects the skin is how you take care of it and how you treat your skin. In order to have glowing skin, you should treat your skin gently. Treating your skin gently means to shave regularly and take bath regularly. Take long baths with warm water because warm water washes away oil from your skin. Do not use strong soaps, while taking bath, they strip oil from your skin, use gentle cleaners instead. Before shaving, lubricate your skin to avoid cuts. Use clean and new razor for close and best shave. Other important tip for shaving is to shave in the direction of hair growth not against it.

Make your diet a balanced one; eat healthy food, which includes vegetables and fruits. Remove oily food from your life and you can have a glowing skin. Managing stress also plays vital role in the skin care, do not take stress, it causes wrinkles on your skin. Stress free mind leads to a healthy mind and peaceful life which effects the skin also.