Bun is the most beautiful and versatile style that every women make it in normal days or at some very special occasions and bun style is actually a molding style and i will tell you here how it is? Bun is the style which makes your face looks according to your situations and you will definitely feel comfortable in it, does not matter whatever the style is.

Let’s come to the point because i know you all just can’t wait more for it. The most trending bun hairstyle is braided bun and i will also tell you, how to make it in a very simple way just tie up your hairs in a pony tail and makes it two sections, make braid of both sections separately and then make three strands of it now wrap braids on pony tail and tie end part with pins and you are ready to go for any type ceremony and braided bun will adds much more beauty in your look and at front side,part it from the center.

Next type of bun is side bun with flick puff, in this type of bun you just have to make a simple bun but not in the center, either it should be on right side or left side. This will be helpful when you want your side look sometimes different and stunning and this bun will surely makes you look beautiful.

If you are tired of making same hairstyles everyday and you want something new that will change your mind and beauty looks too then this type of bun will be perfect for you and it is two buns at oppose sides with front braids, this type is actually different from all but this style is very popular among celebrities. Part your hairs from front side at center and at right side make a braid and of same length and width make another braid on left side and tie them with a small pony for sometime,make two simple buns, one on right and other on left side and now open the pony of front braids ( both ) and wrap right side braid on right side bun and left side braid on left side bun and at last, tie them with pins.

High bun is one of the most amazing and unique bun but it mostly suits on fair people but others can also try it, it’s a good one, what you have to do is just first make a high pony tail right on top of head and then make a bun over a pony and you are ready with a fabulous look.
Loosy side twisted bun is the most frequent bun hairstyle ever used by women and you can also try it at home just to look crazy. Take all your hairs with a free hand and make a loose bun and twist them up on one side and yes you are twisting as your hairs are.
Curly loosy bun will make you to look just out of the world, curly hairs are the most beautiful hairs and you can make it more by making a bun by lifting all sections of hairs and use a silver pins on it. For going college, this look is perfect for all such girls.

Read Bun Hair Style Step by Step for quick and easy steps of doing Bun Hairstyles.

Low messy bun is the ever most stunning style, make a loosy messy bun and if your hairs are not curly then curl it in a loose curl and you will feel yourself super-dark and independent style is this what you want to have, your hairstyle actually shows your personality that matters in a first look so always be ready for showing your personality, exactly like that you are. And these all type of bun hairstyles are the most popular and frequent used by women.